NACOSS – The Nigeria Association of Computer Science Students, a body of student professionals in almost all tertiary institutions in Nigeria (both private and government owned).

The Nigerian Association of Computer Science Students (NACOSS) is a student professional body with presence in almost all tertiary institutions in Nigeria (both private and government owned).

NACOSS was founded by groups of students in July 1993 with the backing of Nigerian Computer Society (NCS) as its parent body. It provides avenues for students (in any IT related field) to highlight and champion issues of interest in a coordinated and organized manner. NACOSS members (NACOSSites) are students studying in tertiary institutions in computer related disciplines including: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, etc. Each member is essentially a member of the Association’s local chapter in his or her institution.

As of April 2012, NACOSS states that it is the largest and most organized student body in West Africa, with registered members of about Two Hundred and Fifty thousand (250 000) in well over One Hundred and fifty local chapters (and more unregistered) in different Institutions (Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education) across the six (6) Geo-political zones of Nigeria.


NACOSS Aim and Objectives

NACOSS aims to re – orient the Nigerian youth and project the IT profession through Seminars, Lectures, Symposia, Workshops and other related activities. The intention appears to be the active and purposeful promotion of the study of IT and other positive forms of IT knowledge acquisition. NACOSS organizes capacity building exercises to enlighten the youths, the young people of Nigeria on how to become entrepreneurs using acquired IT skills and also to create platforms for neophytes, and gurus associated with the intriguing world of Information Technology to exhibit their products, services and software to businesses, industry and the public.

These forums are also directed towards encouraging the patronage of made-in Nigeria technology, software and services while also engaging participants and exhibitors positively. NACOSS events include intensive enlightenment of students by IT Industry players to create awareness and expose NACOSSites to the reality of IT industry, the business environment and career growth requirements.

Thorough discussion and interaction between students and experienced professionals, managers and policy makers lead to career guidance and mentorship for professional growth and successful entrepreneurship. Such events usually include consultation and deliberations on new and emerging world technologies and the need for local content development and addressing issues relating to the digital divide.

Software exhibitions are a feature of the events to encourage and reward NACOSSites involved in software development. NACOSS aims to foster the growth of the IT profession and promotes the interests of the profession through its engagement with the youth. It does not engage in sex discrimination, and does not promote ethnicity, religion and other forms of nepotism or discrimination.

NACOSS is committed to professionalism and youth empowerment through IT. It aims to connect members with the reality of industry and society in ways that will empower them and enable them to make significant impact in their communities, locally and globally.


Through consistent and professional exposure, NACOSS provides an excellent foundation for Computer Scientists, Engineers and any IT related disciplines in Nigeria. Over the years, NACOSS has given to the economy and society the finest professionals in Information and Communications Technology ICT and is dedicated to doing even more in future.

A study of NACOSS activities indicates that it reveals IT career and entrepreneurship opportunities to the youth of Nigeria. It provides opportunities for them to explore and fulfill their potentials and become more competitive in the IT environment locally and globally. It is about equipping young people to become contributors and change agents in Nigeria through IT. When Nigeria youths are empowered and driven in the field of Computing and related areas, they drive change in Nigeria and Africa, and they change the face of IT.


Awake o ye NACOSSite amids obscurity
Awake my dexterity in skill to heights
Take up the challenge catch the flame bright
Shining as the sun.
This is the time, this is age advance and light the touch information technology is our legacy to posterity.

Awake great Nigerians to make our country great
Awake small but mighty ones
The sleeping giant awake
Guide our leaders’ path
Help our youth the truth to know in love and honest
To grow in living and true information technology is our legacy to posterity.